Intellectual Property Management

Intellectual Property Management

Cutting off the Counterfeiter’s Lifeline

Cease-and-desist letters are fine, DMCA takedown letters are helpful, but if you really want to cause the counterfeiters pain and stop them from infringing, you need to cut off their lifeline: cash flow

April 23, 2015

European Inventor Award finalists 2015

The European Patent Office honours inventors in the areas of biochemistry, civil engineering, energy, electronics, industrial chemistry, material science, medical technology, nutrition and physics, whose work has improved our everyday lives

April 22, 2015

Open Innovation in Schools: bringing policy into practice

The conference will look into the sustainability of the ODS community and services, and seek alignment between policy and practice to support European schools and the implementation of action 68 of the Digital Agenda for Europe

April 21, 2015

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